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This database consolidates and tracks litigation concerning the effect of the pandemic on election law. The purpose of this tool is to provide an interactive list of relevant cases that can be searched by issue, court, status, and jurisdiction.

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Trump v. Raffensperger

Closed. Settled and/or Withdrawn

Trump v. Raffensperger, No. 2020CV343255 (Ga. Ct., Fulton Cnty.)

  Case Summary Petitioners, Donald Trump and a Georgia voter, request a new presidential election on the basis of alleged violations of the Georgia Election Code and state constitution. Petitioners allege that respondents, county elections officials, allowed unqualified people to vote, sent unsolicited absentee ballots to voters, entered into a consent decree that allocated more personnel to conduct signature verification, and that the number of absentee ballots was higher than in previous elections.
Filed 12/04/2020
State Georgia
Type of Court State
Status Closed. Settled and/or Withdrawn ()
Last Updated 01/12/2021
Issue Tag(s) Vote-by-Mail (Claim that Mail Voting Leads to Fraud and/or Vote Dilution)
Complaint(s) 12/04/2020: Complaint filed.
Dispositive Ruling(s) 12/09/2020: Order/Ruling, Order on case status, for the action to proceed in the normal course.
01/07/2021: Order/Ruling, Voluntarily dismissed.

Trump v. Raffensperger, No. S21M0561 (Ga. Sup. Ct.)

  Case Summary Appellants seek review of Judge Russell's Dec. 9 superior court order, on the grounds that she is purportedly not qualified as the type of judge the Election Code requires to preside over election contests. Appellants argue that only the Georgia Supreme Court can provide the relief sought prior to the Electoral College meets.
Filed 12/11/2020
State Georgia
Type of Court State
Status Closed ()
Last Updated 12/15/2020
Issue Tag(s) Authority To Act (Other)
Dispositive Ruling(s) 12/11/2020: Appellant Brief
12/12/2020: Order/Ruling, The Georgia Supreme Court dismissed the case for lack of jurisdiction. The court held that the case has not gone through the requisite interlocutory appeals necessary for an election contest, and that it does not meet one of the few exceptions that merits original jurisdiction.
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