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This database consolidates and tracks litigation concerning the effect of the pandemic on election law. The purpose of this tool is to provide an interactive list of relevant cases that can be searched by issue, court, status, and jurisdiction.

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Gloria v. Hughs

Closed. Settled and/or Withdrawn (Voluntarily dismissed)

Gloria v. Hughs, No. 5:20-cv-00527 (W.D. Tex.)

  Case Summary Plaintiffs (a group of individual voters) sued the Texas Secretary of State claiming that denying the right to vote on account of age (by only making vote by mail without excuse available to for those at least 65 years old) violates the 26th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. The complaint further stressed the negative impact of such an age requirement on voter turnout due to (i) lack of voting information and reliable transportation for voters aged 18-29 generally as compared to older voters; (ii) Texas' past history of long voting lines; and (iii) the COVID-19 pandemic, but did not make any claims on such bases.
Filed 04/29/2020
State Texas
Type of Court Federal
Circuit Fifth Circuit
Status Closed. Settled and/or Withdrawn (Voluntarily dismissed)
Last Updated 10/15/2020
Issue Tag(s) Vote-by-Mail (Limiting Mail Voting to Senior Voters)
Complaint(s) 04/29/2020: Complaint filed.
Dispositive Ruling(s) 06/09/2020: Order/Ruling, Order staying case pending 5th Circuit decision in Texas Democratic Party et. al. v. Abbott, et. al.
09/23/2020: Other, The plaintiffs have voluntarily dismissed all claims.
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